Lan Media Productions

Full Service Audio, Video, Voiceover Productions, Print and Advertising

Lan Media Productions has the voiceover talent, the experience, knowledge and equipment to produce high quality voice-over productions in Spanish and English for radio spots, television commercials, corporate videos, animations, on-hold phone messages, etc. We record in our professional, state of the art recording studio. Once the recording, editing and final mixes are done, we’ll send you the final files by Dropbox, FTP or e-mail in any format you need (mp3, aif, WAV, etc.) Your location is not important.

Also, If you need a specific talent, or want Lan Media Productions to do a casting for a project that needs many voices, we’ll do the voice-over auditions for you. Please e-mail us and will gladly help you. Please send all information now to:

For voice-overs in Spanish we've got the best Latin American neutral and Mexican neutral voice-over talent.

George Rivera - Professional voice-over talent in Spanish

Voice-over actors in Spanish and voice-over actors in English

Ricardo Berron - Professional voice-over talent in Spanish
Alex Gomes - Professional voice-over talent in Spanish
Olivia Ramos - Professional voice-over talent in Spanish
Ale Gomez - Professional voice-over talent in English

Voice-over Talent in Spanish (Mexican Neutral, Latin Amercian Neutral Accents)

Voice-over Talent in English

Patty Bayon Professional voiceover talent in Spanish