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Media Buying or Media Placement

In advertising, it is important for every piece of the puzzle to complement each other. You might have a good TV commercial and a great Jingle, but if you don't choose the correct stations or schedules to air that commercial, your campaign might fail.

Also, if you choose the correct stations and schedules but you don't have a good TV commercial or a professional produced Jingle, your campaign might fail too.

At Lan Media Productions we do media planning and media buying for you. What that means is that we do research and determine which mediums will be most effective for you to advertise and reach your intended target. At the same time, we'll negotiate the best media rates and help you make a good decision about purchasing that media.

You can do this by yourself too, but we have the advantage of having contacts in every medium as we work with them continuously. We have experience and know-how in selecting the correct media, the right schedules and we know how to negotiate the best deal for you!

That's why choosing Lan Media Productions as your media production and advertising agency is a great choice!

Not only to produce a great Jingle, a great television or radio commercial with a great voice-over, but to let us be your advertising consultant, media planner and media buyer. Every piece will complement every other piece and that will translate to increase sales!